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 Photo by Maddalena Ruggiero The Log Cabin in Cayuga Ontario; set between the Museum & the Haldimand  Land Registry  Office 

Title Searches - New Purchase -or Historic Research


  • Established to provide full property  title searches for law firms in 1986 
  • Started out at Hamilton Land Registry Office
  • Relocated to Haldimand County in 1987 
  • Services later added to Norfolk County 
  • Also providing On-line Property Title Searches in Ontario
  • Historical Title Research since 2007   
  • Chain of Title for owners & copies of documents  presented on Acid Free Aged Parchment Paper  
  • Page Protector "booklets" for easy viewing
  • Other Information also gathered when possible; Historical Atlas etc.
  • Indian Surrenders if Applicable 
  • Photos of homes incorporated
  • Whatever can be used to tell the story is added to the Presentation


Every Home has a History (docx)


Creating a Township (docx)


Story of Patents (docx)


Toronto Star Story (pdf)


Chronicle story (docx)


Crown Patents, Documents, Legal Descriptions

Crown Patents

First came the Crown Patent - lands could be sold to other individuals after the Monarchy conveyed their interest. Imagine the first deed for your property coming from Queen Victoria, King George the 3rd or King William the Fourth?

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Deed & Other Documents

 Reviewing the "early" deeds can be intriguing. Each request  for a Historical Property Search is unique - Email a request and receive a quote for costs 

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Legal Descriptions Required?

Need help with "Ontario Land" Website?


Not everyone is able to follow the title back -    Help is here - Email a request today -

Real Estate - Sales & Searches

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Penny Plunkett


Title Searcher in Ontario since 1976 and Historical  Land Researcher since 2007.  Real Estate Sales Representative since 2010 with Re/Max Erie Shores Realty Inc., in Norfolk County.  Having a solid Title Search Back Ground is a huge benefit to all of my clients.  

As you can see by some of the photos and articles displayed on this website; I have taken an active interest in Historical land Research by displaying publicly on different occasions examples of what folks may find when they review their land history. 

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Real Estate Sales Representative


Buying or Selling? - It is my pleasure to assist you with your move!  

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Caledonia Fair "Spotlight On"


P.L.P. Titles Ltd. can help you obtain a copy of your Crown Patent. It's a unique piece of Title History that each property starts out with.  After that it's deeds, deposits, wills and other documents that fill up the registered  history of the story (title) to your home.

This photo with the "Queen" was taken at the Caledonia Fair.

Photo below was taken at the York Historical Society during a presentation on the Warner Nelles Tract. 

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